Feeling the burn after weeks of hard work? Need to take a break but cannot manage a holiday? Instead of spending your next weekend watching Netflix, how about pampering your mind and body? The demand for spas & wellness centers has increased massively over the years, and while the initial experience is about relaxation, there are many benefits associated with most wellness rituals. Below is a list of everything you must know to planifier votre weekend spa.

Know the different massages and therapies

There are a wide number of choices when it comes to massages. The more common is the Swedish massage, which involves considerable kneading and long strokes. This is an oil-based massage, which also helps in managing minor pain. Another popular therapeutic massage is the hot stone massage, which involves placing hot stones on the body and subsequent massaging. If you don’t like oil massages, go for a Thai Massage, which requires more participation with the therapist. Deep tissue massage is also a great option, and while the moves may seem same as Swedish massage, the pressure is more. Reflexology is also a popular choice, which involves using pressure on selected parts of the body.

Check for additional services

Many spas now offer thermal experience, which is about alternating hot sauna and cold dip to cause shock to the body. Thermotherapy requires a couple of hours, because the entire process is to be repeated at least three times, which makes it an ideal consideration for a spa weekend. You can also check for beauty services, including facials, waxing and other skin treatments. Combined with spa massages and reflexology, you can actually spend the entire day enjoying the weather and pampering your body. Some spas also have special weekend brunches and events, but this can vary, so check beforehand.

Tips to follow

For spa weekends, always book in advance. Most wellness centers prefer maintaining their space and ambience, so only selected seats are offered each week. Secondly, not all services are open for weekends, which is why you may want to check for packages. Note that spas do have online portals, so it is possible to complete the bookings on the internet. Always be on time for your spa services and make sure that you have at least one set of clothes for changing.

The rest of it is all about aligning your mind and body – Have fun as the therapists do their job!