Folding cartons are convenient and flexible means of packaging goods. They are convenient as they take up less space than the traditional boxes; they are flexible, as they can be folded into any shape; and they are versatile, as they can be stacked or split into multiple compartments. The use of such cartons is increasing day by day. The popularity of them is due to their economic benefits, their environmental benefits, and their convenience. They are also widely used for the purpose of packing groceries, as they are more durable, flexible and long-lasting than the plastic grocery shopping bags.

The folding carton produced the packaged packing industry right from the start, starting from the late nineteenth century. Initially the method used was making the thin-walled cartons from squeezable put up layers of newspaper. This method proved to be very economical and time-effective, though it had some drawbacks like the tendency of the product to leak. The second method used was gluing the newspaper on the plastic cartons by using a special adhesive. This technique was found to have some shortcomings also.

The third and most modern method is to use metals such as aluminum or titanium to create the cartons. This technique not only provides great strength and durability but also ensures that the product remains free from leakage. However, these kinds of cartons have a tendency to bend at the edges when subjected to pressure. Hence, extra care is required while storing them. If stored improperly, they can easily break.

Plastic has been extensively used for manufacturing box cartons. This is because it is inexpensive, durable, light-weight and very flexible. It is also capable of achieving the same kind of stiffness as metal. These cartons are suitable for products that require protection against moisture, dirt, UV rays, heat and moisture. They are also environment-friendly and do not add to the carbon footprint. However, the problem with this material is that it cannot be made into shapes as varied as wooden ones due to its inability to bend.

Folding carton boxes made of plastic come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, designs, and finishes. They are also available in a number of materials such as cardboard, fiberglass, wood, leather, cardboard, paper, PVC, and even corrugated fiberboard. These boxes can be custom made according to your specifications. Some are specifically designed to store food whereas others are designed to carry accessories or books. A few are simply meant to pack personal belongings.

When you are looking for folding carton boxes, make sure you consider the durability, appearance, and design of each box. The right kind of packaging will make your products look attractive and presentable. Apart from looking at the style and type of the boxes, you also need to consider the storage capacity. You should ensure that you get the boxes that have sufficient storage capacity.