The use of e-cigarettes is continuously increasing as it is known to be a healthier option to smoking. Some people switch to vaping to help in the gradual process of quitting their smoking habit. If you are planning to start vaping, there are different things that you need to know to understand better if you are making the right choice.

It is less harmful than smoking

One of the reasons why many people are drawn to the use of vapes is that it is said to be less harmful than smoking. They choose the lesser evil of the two while enjoying the same effects. An e-cigarette is indeed less dangerous because of the lower nicotine content and fewer chemicals that e-juices contain.

There are now e-juices that are nicotine-free like those that use CBD. While some people mistakenly call this e-juice CBD vape oil, UK retailers confirm the correct term is CBD vape liquid. It uses CBD, which is one of the chemicals found in hemp and cannabis. The THC component is also a chemical found in the said plants. It gives that feeling of high, while CBD does not have that psychological effect, although it is also known to bring calmness and relief.

It needs extra equipment

When you buy a cigarette, you light it, and you can enjoy its effect. With vaping, you need to have an e-cigarette and fill it with e-juice to start using. You will spend money for the initial investment, although this is only in the beginning. Once you have the e-cigarette, you have to buy e-juice for a refill, which comes in varying flavours.

It comes with risks

Vaping may be less harmful than smoking, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with any danger. For e-juices that contain nicotine, although the percentage is lower, it still has a presence of the substance, which can still have an addictive effect. Other chemicals are also present that are still health risks. There is also a tendency for the e-cigarette to explode, so make sure that you are only using quality equipment.

It is not a proven way to quit smoking

Some people see it as a step closer to quitting smoking. Although some testify that vaping helped them to quit smoking, there is still no scientific evidence that it is effective. Experts still recommend other proven efficient options to stop smoking like counselling and alternative therapies.

It is harmful to kids

Vape must be kept out of reach from children. It could be dangerous if they accidentally inhale the product as it could cause nicotine poisoning. Moreover, there are different chemicals that these e-juices contain which can be harmful to kids.

Take these factors into consideration when deciding if you will start vaping or not. If you push through with it, make sure that you go for trusted brands to avoid problems, such as an explosion. Know your limits too because it still comes with health risks.