Ever since businesses started promoting their products and services online, SEO has been playing a huge role in their success with online marketing. Things have only gotten more complex from where it all began, but still, the basics remain the same. If you want to achieve first-page rankings for your sales pages, you need to have a solid SEO plan. And for a solid SEO plan, you need quality backlinks. So, the next question is — what are SEO backlinks?

In simple words, when other sites publish a story about you and link your site back, Google considers it as a backlink. The more quality backlinks you have, the faster your rankings go higher. Just make sure that you focus on building high-quality and relevant backlinks instead of cheap links from spammed sites. For this, you can start an outreach campaign yourself or simply hire an expert who does it on your behalf. Keep doing this on a regular basis and soon you’ll start getting results in terms of improved rankings, traffic, sales, and revenue.