Given the present scenario where almost everything has shifted online, and everything is functioning online. Suddenly people have turned tech-savvy more than they ever thought they would be. Since nothing has stopped, technology plays an important role now in sorting things out. Even meetings are being conducted online on the various virtual meet platforms, a good substitute for physical meetings and conferences. To facilitate this purpose, all persons need to think of safety before choosing a video conferencing software or website. Security must not be a concern. In this regard, Singapore’s administration has approved an innovative law on 7th April 2020, which permits recorded companies and societies to host their Annual General Meetings virtually. Read more about Virtual AGM Singapore below.


The virtual AGM Singapore features

In the present times of need, new platforms have come up to facilitate conference meetings maintaining the social norms to be followed as of now. In order to deal with the concern of security, certain measures have been taken by these websites. Some of them may be enlisted as under:

  • Restricted entry
  • Ease of joining
  • Uninterrupted interaction

Through these measures, your safety and security have been given utmost importance so that you can enjoy video conferencing and live streaming without any hassle, and even you get the experience nothing less than that of a physical meeting.


Sum up:

To conclude, everything has been as convenient as is practicable and within control. No stone has been kept unturned in this aspect. Coordinating and connecting with your team members will no longer be a problem while making important decisions on virtual meetings and conferences. Thus, you will be entitled to get a live experience while sitting in the comfort of your home without having to rush outside.