Chances are that if you own a dog or if you know somebody who does, you have heard of dog boarding. Dog boarding is the process of sending your dog to a place where it can stay while you will be away from home. These places offer care, food, water, and entertainment. Depending on the place where you choose to board your dog, there will also be offered training, such as obedience or basic commands.

There are many different kinds of pets but not many places that offer boarding for animals that are not dogs. It’s hard enough for cat owners to find a place for their cats while they will be away. What would someone do if he or she had a parrot that needed boarding?

You might be surprised to learn that there are definitely places out there that offer boarding for parrots in particular. In fact, some places will offer more than a basic room and board for the parrot.

What Does Parrot Boarding Involve?

At the most basic level, parrot boarding is quite similar to dog boarding. A place for the parrot to stay is provided as well as food and water. There will be someone who checks to make sure that there are no issues during your parrot’s stay. However, because parrots and dogs are considerably different animals, some aspects of the care are a bit different.

For example, the parrot is given an in-house checkup to make sure that it remains healthy throughout the boarding period. Parrots are intelligent birds and because of this, there is a rigid schedule in place to help the parrot learn while it is there. There will be special food given at specific times to help reinforce the schedule. The parrot food includes sprouted seeds, fruit, nuts, vegetables, and so on.

Another feature that is offered at parrot boarding is training to help the parrot live the best life that it can. Parrots are socialised with one another to help them get over any aggressive behaviours. Much as with dogs, parrots are taught some basic commands, although these are more for show than for function. These commands include targeting, retrieving, approaching you on command, opening their wings, bowing, whistling, and running. Because parrots respond best to positive reinforcement, there are no punishments given while the parrot stays at a facility that offers parrot boarding in Sydney.

And finally, your parrot will get plenty of time to play. From playing with the caretakers to getting bathed and even getting a massage, your parrot will have the time of its life while you are away from home. Boarding a parrot is one of the best things that you can do for your parrot, both for its safety and for its quality of life.

Why Board a Parrot?

Choosing to board a pet is an important decision. When you are not home for long periods of time, it can end up making your parrot anxious. An anxious parrot can cause damage to itself and its cage, and nobody wants this to happen. By sending your parrot to a boarding facility for the time you are away, you can rest assured knowing that it will be cared for and that it will not be nearly as stressed out while you are gone.