When you are driving out on the open road onboard your motorcycle, it is important to make every effort to keep yourself and your passenger safe at all times. It is also your job to make sure that nobody steals your motorcycle when you park it in the evening or when you park it in any public area. In order to ensure that your motorcycle is safe and you are too, you need to avail of the numerous different accessories that are currently available which are designed to protect your investment.

If your motorcycle is currently on the road using Yamaha finance, then this means that the motorcycle doesn’t belong to you until the final payment has been made. This means that it is your responsibility to protect your investment and to do everything in your power to keep it safe. What would be the point in paying for a motorcycle that has been stolen or has been written off in an accident and you are still expected to make the payments anyway. To make sure that you are covered in the unlikely event that this might happen, you probably need the following accessories.

* Motorcycle alarm & lock – Hopefully your motorcycle will come with an alarm system already built in, but you might want to add to it so that it send your message to your phone when it is moved or not over, and you might want to also add GPS so that you can know the location at any time. It is always good to purchase some kind of lock that you can put in the disk of your wheel, so that nobody can easily walk away with your motorcycle. Anything that you can add to the bike that will dissuade potential thief can only be seen as money well spent.

* A helmet camera – Unless you have one of these attached, you’re going to be caught up in a he said she said situation where the police only have your word and the word of the other people involved in the accident to come to a decision. If you have a helmet camera installed however, you will be able to play back the clip to the police officer or insurance agent to prove that it wasn’t your fault and that the other party needs to pay for the repair of your motorcycle or to pay windfall for the current value of the motorcycle.

These are only two of the numerous things that you can have to protect your financial investment. Other things like crash barriers or crash bungs will help to protect the expensive part of your motorcycle if you are involved in a minor collision or you have to pull your bike to the ground.