EXANTE is a broker that offers an impressive range of over 600,000 financial instruments across 50+ markets worldwide, including the biggest exchanges in the US, Europe, and Asia. The asset classes of these instruments include forex, metals, stocks and ETFs, bonds, options, and futures. The company was founded in 2011 and it is headquartered in Malta, with additional offices in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and Hong Kong. As an international broker, it is globally regulated and compliant with local laws, such as the MFSA, the FCA, the CySEC, and the SFC. It offers a proprietary trading platform innovated in-house – the EXANTE trading platform – that is available on web, desktop, and mobile. As one of the fastest growing brokers in Europe, many are looking to open a live account with EXANTE. In this review, we examine the management team behind the broker.

EXANTE was founded by co-founders Anatoly Knyazev, Gatis Eglitis, and Alexey Kirienko, three major players in the industry with their unique strengths. Knyazev and Kirienko had met previously, while the two of them became acquainted with Eglitis within the trading community. Together, they resolved to establish a broker that would provide both financial and information transparency and accessibility, and this has been the vision of the broker since its inception.

Anatoly Knyazev

Anatoly Knyazev of EXANTE is the brokerage’s co-founder and current managing partner. He has a strong background in trading software and infrastructure, and he has substantial knowledge of the financial markets. At university, Knyazev was a computer science student who developed an interest in software development. This interest grew, and after graduation, he began working as a software developer for an American multinational company, combining his theoretical knowledge of software development with practical experience.

Knyazev traded in the financial markets with great success in his personal time, using his knowledge of computational mathematics to analyse prices in derivative quotations. In fact, his success led him to consider becoming a developer of trading software, as he began to have ideas on how he could build the perfect trading platform that could cater to the needs of a wide variety of traders. His involvement and ambition caused him to join a network of likeminded individuals in the investment community, and when he began writing his own trading programmes, they became profitable quickly. This caused him to consider starting his own brokerage with co-founders who would be able to provide support in other areas such as business development and market understanding.

Overall, Knyazev has an analytical mind that has helped him achieve a substantial amount of success in the investment sphere. His desire for innovation is clear in his founding of EXANTE, which provides its own trading platform available on desktop, mobile, and through web browser. The EXANTE trading platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and is user-friendly, designed with the needs of traders at the forefront and prioritising information transparency.

Gatis Eglitis

Gatis Eglitis is the second co-founder of EXANTE, and he is the Executive Director of the brokerage. As a native Latvian, Eglitis earned his first two university degrees in International Economic Relations and Finance in his home country, before moving to Denmark to pursue a second master’s degree in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School. Eglitis’ knowledge of business increased in his role at Saxo Bank early in his career as a business sales manager, managing both relationship management and business development.

When establishing EXANTE and in the years that followed, Eglitis played a significant role in the brokerage firm’s development and expansion. Under his leadership, the brokerage became a one-stop shop for all types of traders, and it began to offer not only retail trading for individual and corporate clients, but also professional wealth management services. EXANTE also partners with big names such as Santander, ING, HSBC, and Bank of China to provide liquidity for their clients. With EXANTE expanding rapidly, the firm was able to obtain regulatory approval from the MFSA when it began operating in Malta. Over the years, when it set up new offices around the world, licensing was also obtained in London (from the FCA), Hong Kong (from the SFC), and Cyprus (from the CySEC).

Alexey Kirienko

Alexey Kirienko is the third co-founder of EXANTE, and he is currently the CEO of the company. As a mathematics student at university, he discovered and developed his passion for the financial markets through statistical arbitrage. He managed to achieve success early in the markets, spurring him to take a deeper interest in derivative trading, eventually becoming an expert.

Kirienko founded EXANTE with the help of his experience in global derivative trading and his knowledge of the financial markets. With an analytical mind like his peers, Kirienkodeveloped new business models that would take the broker’s services to the next level, as he believed in catering to a diverse range of traders and allowing them to trade with competitive pricing. The strong focus the broker has on derivative products is a testament to Kirienko’s dedication to providing this accesssibility. With over 500,000 options and 500+ futures varieties for traders to choose from across asset classes, EXANTE has been widely lauded as one of the best brokers with which to build a balanced portfolio.