If you have detected bedbug infestation at home and want to shift, it is absolutely important to get rid of these insects from your belongings. Bedbugs are wingless, but they can move from one item to another rather quick, and if no steps are taken, the infestation can magnify in no time. You may have found a new home to shift, but the first task is to call a bedbug exterminator for getting rid of these insects. Here are some of the treatments that punaise de lit exterminators can use for clearing your personal stuff, furniture and other belongings.

Use of insecticides

The typical solution is to use insecticides, but depending on the products used, it can take considerable time to see an effect. Also, insecticides are known to have chemicals that are not always environment-friendly, so in case you insist on this option, make sure that the service you choose is using safe products and is adhering to necessary protocols.

Heat treatment

When you are not sure of the extent of infestation, heat treatment of bedbugs is the ideal choice. In this case, special machines will be used to increase the temperature of the house, which will kill all insects. Even those bedbugs that are otherwise hidden in most unusual areas would be removed with this treatment. Heat treatment is ideal for homeowners who have extensive problem with bedbugs, and the process is really simple, provided a reliable service is selected.

Hot-room treatment

If you don’t have a lot of items to be checked and cleared, you can go for hot-room treatment instead of heat treatment for the entire house. In this case, all the possible belongings and furniture that are suspected to have bedbugs are placed in a room, which is then heated up, killing all insects. The treatment is same as the one we just mentioned, but the costs are lower.

Freezing treatment

This is often the final resort when other options are not viable for removing the insects. In this case, the objects are subjected to freezing, which kills the insects.

Machine drying

In case of clothes that are suspected to have bedbugs or eggs, a company may choose to wash them at a high temperature in a machine. This approach is often practical for many situations when the infestation is not that extreme.

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